Our Approach to
Corporate Sustainability



Western Midstream Partners, LP (Western Midstream™ or WES) is committed to building an organization that delivers sustainable value to all of our stakeholders by cultivating our strong culture of corporate responsibility and rigorously managing key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. In our first ESG report, we are proud to share our commitment to sustainability and responsible operations. Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen our performance and expand our reporting as we further develop as a stand-alone midstream enterprise.


About Our 2019-20 Corporate Sustainability Report

Supporting Stuainable Environments
Supporting Sustainable Environments

We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship by implementing industry-leading environmental protection practices and technologies while maintaining employee safety.

Focus areas:

  • Environmental management

  • Climate change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

  • Non-GHG emissions

  • Biodiversity and surface impacts

  • Release prevention and response

  • Water management

Focusing on People

We are focused on supporting our workforce and communities. When they succeed, so will our company.


Focus areas:

  • Employee development and benefits

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Contractor and supplier management

  • Landowner and community engagement

  • Tribal engagement

  • Community investment


Inegrated ESG Management

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Construction Worker

Core Values
The WES Way

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Operating Responsibly

We are committed to operating responsibly. We are developing intentional and robust governance systems that support our ESG efforts and our commitment to keeping our workforce, communities, and the environment safe.


Focus areas:

  • Governance

  • Employee and contractor safety

  • Asset and Pipeline integrity

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Security

  • Community safety