Focusing on People

At Western Midstream, we know that our business succeeds when our people succeed. Our employees and contractors provide their talents and time, over 11.8 million hours in 2019, to deliver our products and services while keeping each other, our communities, and our environment safe. We seek to benefit the communities in which we operate through our presence, working to understand and address community concerns, and investing in community needs.


Our Employees

We value our employees and aim to provide growth opportunities and a fulfilling work environment. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, including a wide range of programs to help foster work-life balance and support working families.


We expect our employees to uphold high ethical standards and ask them to demonstrate our company values and commitment to respect, fairness, health, safety, and environmental protection in their daily work. In addition to requiring our employees to understand and follow our Code of Ethics, we provide an anonymous compliance and ethics hotline that is available 24/7 to employees to report a violation or concern of the Code or other company policy.

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“Offering competitive benefits, such as paid leave, back-up child care, and the employee assistance program, aids in recruiting and retaining top talent. It shows that we value our employees and are committed to equity and diversity in the workplace.”

Crystal Sled
Vice President, Human Resources


Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud of our commitment to diversity in recruiting, hiring, developing, compensating, and promoting employees. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Employees are encouraged to report incidents to their supervisors or through our anonymous hotline.


The company’s diversity and inclusion efforts are overseen by our Community Betterment Task Force, comprised of WES senior leadership including our Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering, Vice President of Rockies Operations, Vice President of Human Resources, and Vice President of Investor Relations and Communications, who is also responsible for leading our social involvement and volunteering efforts.



of employees in our Woodlands and Denver offices are female


 of our Board of Directors are female


of our employees come from a racial or ethnic minority


Contractor and Supplier Management

Third-party contractors play an important role in our industry. In 2019, for example, contractors worked approximately 80% of our total workforce hours. Contractors include individuals at companies who work directly on Western Midstream sites, as well as suppliers at companies from whom we purchase equipment and other supplies or services that are not performed on our sites. We screen both groups based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria depending on the type of work and supplies they provide.


We expect all of our contractors to adhere to our high standards for safety and environmental performance, as detailed in our report. Our service contracts require the contracting company have environmental, health and safety, fair labor, anti-discrimination, ethics, anticorruption, and other ESG-related policies, programs, and procedures that meet or exceed our standards. Our Vice President of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) oversees HSSE Contractor Management.

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of our field-based contractors and the majority of our fabrication suppliers are assessed based on ESG criteria


Landowner and Community Engagement

At Western Midstream, developing trust within the community is a top priority. We earn this trust by operating responsibly and engaging proactively with community members. We establish two-way communication with local community members, landowners, elected officials, and local government representatives to ensure that they understand our operations, and we understand and address their needs and concerns. We maintain dialogue with residents throughout the lifecycle of our projects.

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We provide community grievance reporting mechanisms, including a dedicated concern reporting and response hotline, and quickly respond to complaints, typically within 24 hours of a call. Information regarding a complaint is immediately forwarded to the responsible individual, such as the foreman or superintendent. Our Community Engagement team communicates directly with the caller, and we quickly dispatch personnel to resolve the issue. All complaints and responses are recorded to identify trends and proactively change operating procedures to avoid future impacts, if possible.

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"Every day, we work to ensure that we minimize impact to nearby stakeholders. Their appreciation makes all of our hard work worth it.”

Jayson VanShura
Regulatory Manager



of new pipelines, compressor stations, and plants are preceded by stakeholder identification and engagement plans.

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Tribal Engagement

At Western Midstream, we aim to build strong, long-term, and mutually beneficial relationships with Native American tribes in the areas where we operate. We believe in creating economic and social opportunities for tribes while recognizing and respecting the importance of tribal history and culture. Western Midstream jointly operates the Chipeta Processing Complex, a gas processing complex, with the Ute Tribe in Utah. In other states, we consult with the Federally Recognized Tribes on Federal and Tribal lands as part of our project planning and operations processes.


We assess all proposed operational areas for potential historical tribal importance to understand if there are any listed or eligible cultural sites. If sites are identified, we undertake on-site surveys with the assistance of tribal representatives and an archaeologist. If any unexpected finds occur during construction or other operations, we implement our unexpected discoveries plan, which includes an immediate stop to all work and notification of the relevant tribal or other authorities as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations on Federal and Tribal lands. If required, we involve a certified paleontologist or archaeologist to assist. We communicate our unexpected finds procedure with all construction contractors and personnel.

Community Safety

Protecting the safety of the communities in which we work is a core value underpinning our safety and operational efforts. Maintaining asset integrity, avoiding and responding effectively to emergencies, and addressing road safety (see Operating Responsibly) are key elements of how we safeguard communities.


The leading cause of pipeline accidents is damage that occurs when people unintentionally strike a pipeline while digging. We educate community members on pipeline safety, and we retain dedicated teams to respond to the hundreds of 811 calls we receive annually and to locate and mark pipelines on an ongoing basis.

Community Investment

During 2020, we began our social involvement and volunteering program to improve the communities in which we live and work while building camaraderie among employees and developing our culture founded in servant leadership. Our Community Betterment Task Force, comprised of members of our leadership team, leads the organization’s volunteer efforts. To promote voluntarism, Western Midstream offers a corporate matching program and rewards program whereby the company will donate money for each hour spent volunteering in the community. Our employee-led focus groups select local, nonprofit partners for each regional office to support. We provide volunteer and monetary support to qualified nonprofit organizations that contribute to and enrich the education and wellness of society.


"We’re proud to support our employees’ commitment to giving and volunteering. By supporting organizations grounded in the principles of education and wellness, we believe we can empower young people to succeed, help our communities to grow stronger, and contribute to the kind of community and world in which we want to live."

Kristen Shults

Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications

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“Western Midstream has come to the table and really worked hard to tackle the issues that are most important to us. They’re hearing what we’re saying. That matters to us. I want to thank them for being a participant and partner and working with us.”

- Colorado Stakeholder